Monday, November 9, 2009

Isaac Davis's home

Now a private residence, this home was the site of a great deal of activity in the early morning of April 19, 1775. Aroused by one of the night riders, Dr. Samuel Prescott, Isaac Davis was the leader of the Acton minutemen. The Acton men assembled here and then marched "on the King's Highway" to Concord.

By all accounts, Davis was a thoughtful, well-prepared and indisputedly brave leader. His minutemen were well-equipped and well-trained. Davis did not survive the day, cut down by a volley by the British regulars as he led the assembled minutemen and militia at the North Bridge in Concord.

The minuteman statue at the Old North Bridge in Concord is a memorial to Isaac Davis. A grandson of Davis was sketched, along with other models, to allow sculptor Daniel Chester French to craft this symbol of liberty.

The home is not open to the public. Once a year, the owners kindly allow their home to be taken over by the Acton Minutemen for the re-enactment of the April 19th events.

For most visitors, a quick drive-by is the only solution. This site may be seen at 39 Hayward Road in Acton - although the road is narrow, there is no place to park and vehicles travel quite quickly there.

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